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A clean point is a facility whose main objective is to offer the possibility of depositing waste that cannot be deposited in the urban selective collection containers (blue, green, yellow, gray or brown).
In short, in the CLEAN POINT are deposited those wastes that have a special consideration due to: their physical characteristics, weight or volume; their chemical characteristics, for toxicity or dangerousness.
A mobile clean point is the same, and as its name suggests, with certain peculiarities and some logical limitations, since it is a facility capable of moving to facilitate the recycling of waste that can not be deposited in the urban containers of selective collection that we find in our streets.
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. open on public holidays. (Mondays closed for staff rest)Finca «El Santo» (right side of the road from Soto del Real to Manzanares el Real, opposite the municipal cemetery).

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This place is intended to collect all waste that may be susceptible to subsequent recycling, such as metals, plastics, cooking oils, etc., as well as those which, if not treated properly and selectively, may represent a significant danger to the environment, such as medicines, fluorescent tubes, etc.
The Clean Point is for the exclusive use of the residents of Soto del Real, for which they will have to present their ID card to verify the address or, in case they do not reside permanently in Soto, a receipt of the house they have in our municipality.

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The clean points are those impressive places where we can find an infinity of types of waste. They are collected and temporarily stored separately because they could be large or dangerous if thrown in conventional containers. The main types are:
Some of the materials that can be taken are batteries, all types of batteries, household appliances, paint leftovers, oils (both cooking and motor oils), halogens or fluorescent lamps, furniture and bulky objects, aerosols and chemicals, medicines, debris, scrap metal, mattresses, thermometers or X-rays among others.
It should be noted that not all clean points accept the same objects, so the best thing to do is to get information. You can look for the information in the town hall or go to your nearest clean point to check it.
Some of the materials that are not allowed in the clean points are: organic waste, radioactive materials, infectious waste, tires, explosive materials, unidentified or unsegregated waste. Keep in mind!


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